Browser Automation Studio Course And Support

We are proud to announce the release of our Browser automation studio course and support service. The aim of the course is to take you from BAS newbie to a BAS superstar 🙂

In a sense this course will never be complete... what I mean by that is we will be adding videos every week to this course based on your feedback on what you would like to see added.

We will also be reshooting videos to expand on the video topic, so there will always be something new for you to learn!

The course comes in 2 flavours...

  1. The full course and updates, each video include templates and examples for you to download there will be new videos uploaded every few weeks the cost is a one-time payment of $20 and comes with lifetime access and updates. (Price will increase as more videos are added so get in while the price is low!)

2. Subscription-based course and support: With this option, you get all the above AND full and fast support via Skype, Discord and Email on anything BAS related (not just topics covered in the course) not only that you can join the Bas underground (included) where we share templates and bot ideas. (group chat) The cost of the subscription is $25 a month and you can stop your subscription at any time.

Course Content last updated 3/1/2021

Video 1 - Welcome1:41
Video 2 - BAS studio Overview9:41
Video 3 - Resources11:40
Video 4 - Are You Human?9:56
Video 5 - Waiting Around2:42
Video 6 - Runs, Fails And Threads11:52
Video 7 - Selecting Elements9:15
Video 8 -Working with Lists3:23
Video 9 - Script Logic18:21
Video 10 - Variables15:56
Video 11 -Proxies Part 116:29
Video 12 - Proxies Part 210:04
Video 13 - Beating Captcha Part 17:24
Video 14 - Beating Captcha Part 24:17
Video 15 - Beating Captcha Part 33:09
Video 16 - More Than One Way To Skin A Cat2:59
Video 17 - Browser Fingerprints8:30
Video 18 - Regex Part 113:22
Video 19 - Regex Part 25:11
Video 20 - Working With Emails Part 117:50
Video 21 - Working With Emails Part 211:30
Video 22 - Scraping With The Browser12:44
Video 23 - Scraping without a browser13:04
Video 24 - Working with Databases5:47
Video 25 - Compiling Your Bot Ready For Sale 15:32
Video 26 - Building Out A Project (Mass Scraper)38:20
Video 27 - Building Out A Project (Social Media Bot)45:24
Video 28 - Building Out A Project (Trend Scraper And Poster)35:10
Video 29 - Working With Cookies12:10
Video 30 - Don't Be A Bot (Deeper Human Emulation) 9:20

To Buy the course that comes with LIFETIME updates and access for a one-time payment of $20 please make a payment below. * Please note this package does not come with support.

To become a subscriber and get access to the course and lifetime access as well as unlimited support via Skype, Discord and Email also included is access to our group chat (BAS Underground) all for just $25 a month (or $150 a year) please subscribe below. * Click the membership tab to sign up for the course plus membership.

  • All payments are handled by our partner "buy me a coffee" you can make a payment via Paypal or Stripe(card)
  • 1. There are NO REFUNDS once a package is brought if you would like to see our teaching format please view our FREE VIDEOS on the site or Youtube channel.
  • 2. Accounts and access to the course are manually made, so please allow up to 24 hours for your account details to be set up and sent to you. HOWEVER, this is normally done within an hour or so
  • 3. Option 1 - includes the course AND lifetime access and ALL updates, however, support is not included
  • 4. The subscription-based option is paid every month, and gets you access to the course as well as UNLIMITED support and help via Discord, Skype and Email, as well as our group chat.

If you have any questions then please send us a message HERE

We look forward to helping you master the art of creating powerful bots 🙂

The BotEmpire Team

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