BAS UnderGround

Bas Underground is the name of our new paid help and support system.

After offering custom support packs and a video course, people were still left with questions, so we came up with the "BAS Underground"

The Bas Underground will be run over discord and Facebook and is a place where you can get very fast support and answers to your Bas related questions, depending on your membership level you will be able to gain access to support from other users, ticket support, and instant support over Facebook and discord, access to our studio filmed Bas course, and 1 0n 1 custom videos as well as access to 100's of scripts, and completed bots.

Here is a list of our membership levels and what you can expect at each level.

Bronze $9.95 a month:

Access to the discord group and Facebook group, you will have access to videos that are not on the free section of the site, or on the youtube channel, you can ask other members for help, you can also ask the team for answers to questions, there is no guaranteed time scale to get an answer but your question will be dealt with. there also will be some great ebook content posted and some other extras.

Silver $14.95 a month: all the above However you will be able to open a ticket for support and get an answer within 24 hours, you will also be able to speak with the team directly (VIA facebook and discord) and get access to scripts and resources. and access to the full course (that was selling for $197) Support will come in the way of an answer or a video whatever fits best for the issue you are having.

Gold: $24.95 a month All the above however you will get access to all the bots we have made both open sources and compiled, we will also help you on projects by working on sections you are having issues with, your support will property, you can arrange a video call with the team, and also have access to webinars not seen before.

When you join you will be subscribed as a member you can stop your membership at any time.

Payments can be made by Paypal or bitcoin.

To enrol please fill out the form below and we will get back to you asap.