Best proxies for bots

Best proxies for bots guide - If you are creating or you are using premade Bots then at some point you are going to have to think about using proxies for your bots, there are so many options out there so I will do my best to break down some of the options you have when it comes to selecting proxies to use for your bots and software.

My guide to the best proxies for bots.

What are proxies for bots?

I am going to break down types of proxies that are used for bots into 3 main categories as well as talk about the trending topic of sneaker bot proxies, and then at the end of this post go over some of the providers that I use when creating automated bots for both my own use and for customers.

Free proxies for bots

Let's first talk about free proxies or what is normally called public proxies, to be blunt and to the point, you should avoid these types of proxies if you can, the issue with these proxies is they are very slow and also maybe in use by many people at the same time, not only that they are likely to die at any point in time. The only time free proxies are of any use is if you have a connection to a proxy IP that is checking that the proxy is alive and use them for non-browser-based scraping of websites.

Of course, the other pro is that they are free so I guess there is that too.

Buy datacenter proxies

Most people that buy proxies are using data centre proxies these normally come in two types semi-dedicated and dedicated.

Let's talk about the differences between these two types then we can talk about the value and how Goof they are for use in real-world bots and software.

The semi-dedicated proxies normally mean the IP's are shared between up to 3 people, so you will be 1 of 3 people that can access the proxy to use within your bots.

Dedicated means that only you get to use the proxy and is not shared at all with other people.

Bearing the above in mind as you have probably guessed by now dedicated data Centre proxies cost more than the semi-dedicated, however, the advantages of using the dedicated proxies are:

1.Only you have access to the proxy

2.They will be faster than the semi-dedicated proxies.

3.With the semi-dedicated proxies you don't know what the other users are doing with the proxy are they getting the IP blacklisted?

1.The Pros of Data centre proxies are:

2.They often have fantastic speeds them all other types of proxies and are easier to work with.

3.They are very reliable and the uptime on them is very high and you should not notice any downtime

4.The cost from most providers is of good value as mentioned semi-dedicated are cheaper.

5. Normally there is no content scraping or data limitation when using data proxies so this is guaranteepricing for the data you use.

The bad news is that most modern websites (and for sure the big social networking sites) will be able to tell if you are using a datacenter proxy, this can lead to fast bans and not only that it's quite common for IP'S to get banned or blacklisted this, of course, is a real problem.

If you're going to use datacenter proxies with your bots and software I recommended using them for scaping sites and account checking, however, the use of data centre proxies is getting slimmer as more and more websites are identifying and banning proxies that they know are coming from a datacenter.

Residential proxies

Next on the list for discussion is residential proxies, these come from Home IPs normally people opt into letting users use their bandwidth in return for payment from a company or in some cases the arrangement is they can use other peoples IP/bandwidth in exchange for allowing others to use there's this is often called p2p proxies (peer to peer) and of course, with these types of proxies, you get endless subnets.

The pros of Residential proxies is that with most services you have access to millions of Ip's this is very nice if you plan on building scraper bots, also the IP is a lot more trusted by websites then Data centre proxies normally the ban or blacklist rate is a lot lower with residential proxies then Datacentre another upside is with lots of services you can pick the geographical locations of the proxy, some services allow you to have a unique IP per connection to a port as well this can be included as standard by a lot of proxy product sellers these days

The downside is the speed of these proxies in most cases are slower then datacenter proxies, and you have no idea when the proxy will disconnect. This can be a pain of your using browser-based bots.

Cheap residential proxies

Be careful of very cheap deals when it comes to residential proxies, cheap is not always good and that is defiantly the case when it comes to proxies.

Sometimes you will find cheap Residential proxy deals, are no more than fake proxies meaning they are really just free public proxies, or they are part of an illegal botnet, which is even worse, make sure you do your homework on any service prior to signing up with them, check out user reviews when you can this can often be found on SEO forums, just make sure you are working with a legitimate service provider that is not one of the many spam botnet operators out there.

Data centre proxies vs residential

So which option is better? Data centre or residential proxies? What will you be using the proxies for?

One factor is cost, accesses a network of residential proxies, can set you back a lot more money than that of a data centre setup.  if you plan just to check the prices of something or scaping a few pages from a website then datacentre will be just fine. You can use them for running social media accounts too but be careful I recommend using only dedicated clean virgin IP'S and only running one account per IP (if you plan to use datacentre proxies.

If you plan to scrape the google SERPs or mass scaping websites then residential is the way to go. You can also use residential proxies with non-browser-based bots very well. 

To sum up, in general, Residential proxies are a better option, the only time you may come unstuck with them is if your using browser intense bots, datacenter proxies are a lot faster, also a key factor is your budget, access to a big network of residential proxies may set you back $300 or more, and often you only are allowed x amount of data allowance before incurring more charges so bear that in mind, that is another reason why browser-based bots can be an issue, the amount of data they take up is massive compared to browserless based bots.

4G mobile proxies

Now we get to the cream of the crop 4G mobile proxies.

In my (sometimes) humble opinion the best proxies for bots are 4G proxies are by far the best proxies for bots, you see for one it is very hard for them to get banned as if a site bans an IP there are banning you like the bad boy botter that you are! but also Mrs Smith from down the road, and any other person that uses that mobile IP will get the chop.

Most sites will "white label" mobile proxy IP's which in turn drops the ban rate when using this type of proxy.

Pros for mobile LTE/4g proxies: 

1.Low ban rate from most websites

2.Can change IP often

3.Big pool of proxy IP's  

As long as you pick a good mobile proxy provider,  then the speeds are normally quite fast


1.Mobile proxies are generally Not as fast as datacenter proxies.

2.The cost is more expensive then datacenter proxies.

Sneaker bot proxies

I probably get 5-6 emails a day asking about which proxies are best for sneaker bots. people want to grab the latest supreme, Nike, or latest Adidas releases of trainers. This is a hot topic right now, and let me start by saying DON'T use free or datacenter proxies you will get banned faster then a fat kid can eat a cake, believe me, I have been there! Most stores have a process of finding datacentre and free proxy addresses and do there best to target and monitor them and take them down so the chances are if you use them in your botting tasks you will get blocked and banned.

In order to work with a sneaker bot which a good success rate I would recommend you use a GOOD residential suppler. The reason is speed having fast sneaker proxies is a MUST in this game. So you are going to be looking for a proxy supplier that has STICKY IP meaning you can keep the IP without changing IP ever connection, this will make sure that your bot does not die just before bagging your prize sneakers.


Residential proxies for sale

For the best proxies for bots, Residential proxies can be a good chose with that being said you have to watch out for a lot of underhand proxy sellers in the market. 

There are sellers out there as mentioned that are just giving you free proxies or bots that are part of a shady botnet, so make sure you do your homework when it comes to the proxy company that you will be working with.

I have worked with around 7 different residential proxy sellers and here is the company I am currently using they provide a fantastic service including giving you access to millions of proxies and great tools to use them such as easy to use API access they checkout system is fast and you can pay them with a few payment options their price per month or per year for there network access is competitive, you can choose between differently priced packages for every budget.

others reasons that I recommend them, is their interface is really clean and easy to follow, they make sure you use a strong password which will prevent your account getting highjacked (it happened to me with a different service provider and making the purchase of there proxies easy. They sometimes have a pricing offer on their proxy products as well. Their proxies don't drop too often too, this factor can be out of there hands, but they use servers to link you to the best and fastest proxy that is available. They are also constantly updating there network with new proxies, and I consider them one of the best proxy brands on the market.

To toot there horn just a little more they also have 5 million + proxies online at any time and they have many features such as API access you can also decide how often the proxies change IP, there release a 10% increase in the number of proxies each month giving you a lot of extra proxy addresses for your bot task, there support is fantastic as well I normally get a response within an hour which is a great addition to there service.

If you're trying to grab the latest yeezy or Nike air or any other sneakers from the footsites then they are a great fit, they have a sticky proxy feature so you're able to keep the same proxy and not have it rotating while your out copping your latest limited edition shoes the last thing you want is for your proxy to timeout at the last second.

make sure to check them out.

Best Residential proxies for bots

Also if you want to learn how to create your own bots and software you can do so here

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