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Browser automation studio tutorials and guides - If you have come to this page then your are probably just starting out with using BAS and are looking for more information, guides and tutorials, well you're in luck I have you covered. 🙂

My list of browser automation Tutorials and guides.

My name is Dean and i have been working with BAS for a couple of years now.

It is my go-to tool for fast prototyping and completing client projects. Over the years BAS has become so powerful you're able to use 3rd party languages such as Javascript and node.js and can create your own modules and plugins. With BAS you can easily beat captcha, bypass phone verification and run multi-threaded applications.

Browser automation studio is easy to use

One of the best points about Browser automation studio is that it is super easy to use. Every if you DON'T come from a programming background it is super easy to start churning out bots and software, I mean you really can start making quite amazing pieces of software in just a day or so.

Here are some of my browser automation studio tutorials

Using fingerprints with browser automation studio tutorial

In this video i show you how to use fingerprinting with browser automation studio.

In this day and age it is very important that you use fingerprint switching with most of the BIG sites this includes just about all of the social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

One way that these sites track you is via your browser fingerprints so if you have 5 - 100 browsers running at once and they all have the same fingerprint then this is not going to end well for your accounts! so its key to give each one of your browsers instances a unique fingerprint learn. more about fingerprinting in the video above.

Browser automation studio tutorials Browser-based scraping

One of the main reasons people start using Browser automation studio is to learn how to scrape webpages, check out the tutorial above which will really help you get started with scraping with BAS, I also have videos on scraping browser less using HTTP requests on my YouTube channel .

Browser automation studio tutorial - Using Proxies

In this tutorial, I show you how to use proxies in the bots that you create. Like fingerprint switching using proxies for anything that you create that is multi-threaded (using more than one browser window at a time) is a MUST without doing so you risk any accounts that you create getting BANNED.

Where to find more Browser automation studio tutorials and resources

The above videos are a great way to get you started here is a list of some of the tutorials and guides that I have available for browser automation studio.

You can checkout my free browser automation series videos on site here

Also check out my YouTube channel here

Browser automation studio course

Also a little shameless plug, I have a fantastic course available for you that goes above all the tutorials that you will find on the Youtube channel, in the course I take you from a total newbie to a BAS superstar, the course covers many topics from getting started with the BAS to creating full Social media, and scraping bots, the course is also being expanded with new and exciting content most weeks so be sure to check it out!

you can check out the course and the modules that are included here

I also run a discord channel that has many tutorials and guides in, and a growing community of bot and software designers. come join us for a chat and virtual coffee or beer!

Discord channel can be found HERE

I hope this article has been of some help to you and i hope you have a great time building your bots and software with the browser automation studio software 🙂

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