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Email Empire

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Hello boys and girls 😊

Here is your chance to get your hands on the Email Empire tool set.

This tool can get you mass traffic to your website, lander, social media profile or Discord/Telegram group.

The software allows you to

  1. Scrape emails from websites in any niche by inputting a list of keywords
  2. Scrape email from social media sites in any niche
  3. Send emails (can spam compliant)

The software is a windows-based desktop application and is very easy to use.

You can scrape an unlimited number of emails in any niche.

The bot comes with a scheduler application so you can be on the hunt for new emails and send a mail to them in real time!


The software comes with one-on-one support via Email, Discord and Telegram as well as video guides.

The pricing of the software can be found below, please contact me to buy so we can have a chat and make sure the software fits your needs.

I am looking forward to helping you get setup, and getting a ton of traffic, Leads and sales!


  1. Where can I run this software?

The software must be run on a windows computer and can run on a local computer or VPS or dedicated server.

  1. How many emails can I scrape and send a day.

This is only limited by how many keywords you can come up with in your niche and the power of your computer, VPS, or server, but sending 20k, 50k or 100k does not take a huge amount of CPU and RAM if you want to scale you can do so by adding more RAM and CPU to your setup.

  1. Is the software easy to use?

It is once you have watched the videos and set the software up once then it like anything becomes easy.

You also get full one on one support.

4.Is there anything else to buy other then the software to get started?

You can put the bot on a VPS this is if you plan to scrape and send a lot of emails, this will cost you around $25 a month. You will need emails account to send from these will set you back around $50 1000 (you can buy less of course) every email account you will be able to send 50 emails a day to start and after the accounts are warmed up you can send 100-200, so 1000 accounts will allow you to send around 50,000 emails a day. You CAN use proxies to scrape and also bind to email addresses however I have not needed to do this but the option is there. All of this is discussed in the training and support.

  1. Will the emails hit the inbox and what about spam reports?

The bot sends email from yahoo, Gmail, outlook and other top tier email providers, so unless your email is just full of spammed links you will hit the inbox, as for spam, you need to make sure your offer is targeted to people you feel may be interested in your product or service, you MUST include an address and a way for the person to opt out of your emails.

  1. How can I get more information and start getting traffic?

You can get the prices and my contact information below.


Contact:  Discord: TheBotEmpire#3236

                 Telegram: deano_botman

                  Email: HERE

Email Empire

$ 50 Monthly
  • Run On 1 computer
  • Scrape and send unlimited emails
  • Video training and support

Email Empire

3 months subscription
$ 120 Every 3 months
  • Run on 2 computers
  • Scrape and send unlimited emails
  • Video training and support

Email Empire

Life Time Version
$ 190 One Time Payment
  • Run on 10 computers
  • Scrape and send unlimited emails
  • Video training - Support - Setup
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