Guide to browser automation studio and why I love it

Welcome to my guide and overview of browser automation studio, in this guide, I am going to let you guys know WHY I fell in love with BAS (short for browser automation studio) what makes me use it every day and why I showcase its power in the form of tutorials.

Why I started using browser automation studio

I am a programmer by trade, and over my ever growing years on this plant I have learned html and CSS and JavaScript and some python and all that good stuff and I love coding.

I forgot the first time I saw Browser studio mentioned I think it may have been on the blackhat world forum.

I was a bit reluctant to download the software at first, as i thought to myself how powerful could this truly be? I mean point and click bots? no coding? it has to be good only for very basic software and bot design right?

Anyhow, I had a rainy Sunday morning free so I gave it a shot and got BAS download and let took it for a test spin... and WOW.

I feel in love with the software straight away, bots that would take me a day or two to complete I could create in a couple of hours! the learning curve for me was easy (being from a programming background) but even a total newbie could be making bots in a day!

The next thing about Browser automation studio is the power of this beast, this is not a simple bit of kit where you can only design software that clicks on a link etc, this thing comes equipped to bypass captcha, Verify emails,phone verify accounts, and use 3rd party programming languages such as javascript and Node.js wooohhaa 🙂

Over the first few weeks of using BAS, I must have designed 30-40 bots, and I was hooked, I started using BAS for client work, as the studio comes complete with a GUI builder, and licencing system (yep!)

Bablosoft browser automation studio is free!

Yes you are reading correctly Browser automation studio is free, so what is the catch? you may ask... well to be honest there is only a few but they are very small, EVERYTHING in the studio is free the only item that is not included is being able to protect your bots and software, what I mean is that you cannot use their licensing system If you plan on selling your bots.

You can, of course, give your software projects away for free, but if you plan on creating software for sale then you will need to buy the full version of BAS, also you cannot use the custom GUI (graphical user interface) builder, which is only really needed if you plan on selling your Browser automation software commercially.

you can't use the inbuilt scheduler functions as well, or access premiere support but these are all things you really don't need until you want to sell your software designs until then the free version is just fine.

As I have said you can download browser automation studio for free from the Bablosoft website HERE the premium version at the time of writing is $40 for 6 months and $80 for 12 months access.

Compering Browser automation studio versions

There are so many features of this bot building software to love..

Browser automation studio 6 features I love

  1. Very easy to use - BAS is super easy to use, even someone from a non-programing background can start designing software within a few hours as no coding is needed to start making programs.
  2. Verifying emails is a breeze - This takes a minute to set up, this is a much more difficult task when using programming languages such as c# or java.
  3. Beating captcha is easy Bas has Integration with captcha solving services: 2captcha, rucaptcha, anti-captcha. it takes maybe 2 minutes to start beating them nasty captchas
  4. Phone verification - Lots of websites such as Twitter at some point will ask you to verify your phone number, well within BAS, you can connect to 3rd party services that will give you a phone number to verify SMS texts like captcha bypass this can be set up in a matter of minutes!
  5. Inbuilt database - I love that Browser studio has MongoDB inbuilt This feature may come in handy if you want to store some data, for example, if you want to create an account manager.
  6. Not just a basic bot builder - once you get the hang of using Bas you can get as advanced as you like, you can use Javascript and node.js within your projects, dam you can even download the BAS source code and extend it however you like the Modular system allows you to extend BAS functionality. You can create your own modules with visual components.

100% browser emulation with Chrome engine.

BAS uses Chrome engine to emulate browser. Humanlike mouse movements and keyboard emulation. However with that being said BAS is just as good for making Non-Browser based bots using requests, aysc await functions and you can even work with Json straight out of the box, you can run up to 2000 threads if your bots are non-browser-based.

Browser automation studio tutorials

I fell in love with BAS so much that I started writing guides and tutorials for the software, I love BAS but I saw that there were not many guides and tutorials online (well not in English at least) that pushed me, even more, to get some content out there so other people such as yourself could start learning to use the software and start creating some bots and software.

You can find some of my free browser automation studio videos here

Also, be sure to check out my YouTube channel that has a ton of free BAS related content you can find my channel HERE

Browser automation Studio course

As a final note (and a bit of shamless plug) i also have created a full BAS course that you may want to take a look at, in the browser automation studio course i take you from a total newbie to a BAS god 🙂

I cover everything from getting started with the basics, to building scrapers, social media bots and many other fun projects that included email verification, phone verification and beating captchas.

take a look at the full course and the modules that are included here

Download Browser automation studio today and give it a try

Like I have mentioned BAS is totally free to download so why not get over to the bablosoft website and give it a test drive, even if you're a non-programmer you can star building software and bots even advanced social media and scraping tools can be completed in a matter of hours, so what are you waiting for give BAS try today!

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