How to create software without coding?

So is it possible to create software with coding?

Dean here from the Bot Empire, I must get asked if there is a way to create software without coding 30 times a day so I thought I would address the question in this post.

Well let’s answer the question right of the bat and then dig deeper on the why’s and the hows.

YES, it IS possible to make software and bots without coding at all, in fact, that is what I teach people to do so you have come to the right place that’s for sure.

Learn how to create software without writing code


Learning to code takes time

Learning to code can take a hell of a long time, that’s for sure, I started off creating software with Basic programming langue when I was a kid (yep I am that old) and over MANY YEARS I have learned how to write programs in 5 different languages, I don’t regret the time spent doing that HOWEVER it DID take a very long time to learn the skill set and I most of us these days don’t have 5 minutes in the day to sit down let alone learn a programming language.

Learning to code software can be difficult

Let’s face it learning to write software can be a challenge for just about anyone, you have to first of pick the code type you wish to learn and then take the time to read.. take courses. and of course, practice the programming language you have chosen they can be really hard to master.

Development of software can take a long time

The speed of developing software Coding vs using some of the platforms I will talk about shortly it’s just.. well very different, there are platforms I will discuss that you can make a computer program in an hour or so that would take 2 weeks using normal programing methods!

Best way to make software without coding

We have discussed why you may not want to learn to code and the pitfalls of it.. now let’s talk about about a platform that I use to create all kinds of bots and software without coding at all.

Browser automation studio

As I have already mentioned I have been coding a long time, I then (about 2 years ago) come across a software called browser automation studio.. it promised that you could create any type of both browser and non-browser software you could think of without writing a line of code... As soon as I downloaded and started to use BAS (browser automaton studio) I feel in love * don’t tell my girlfriend 😊

If you are trying to create software, bots and any kind of browser automation this is the software framework for you.

It is really easy to learn how to make just about any type of software you could think of using the studio

From social media bots, to scrapers, to.. well just about anything that you can do with a mouse on the browser you can automate.

Creating software without coding for FREE

Now to the best part Browser automation studio is 100% free to download and you can create a good working piece of software in just a few hours even if your completely new to create software and browser automation bots. Take a look at the Browser automation studio website here.

Once you have downloaded the software then feel free to check out the free videos on this site or check out my YouTube channel where I teach you from scratch how to code bots and software without writing code.

One of the videos from my channel 🙂

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