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Roll up get your hands on The Empire Keyword Golden Ratio Software.

What the software does in a nutshell: You can input a list of keywords, and the bot will go to each one and return the Golden Keyword Ratio score You can then pick out the keywords That you wish to rank for and create content based on the Keyword and rank SUPER fast.

The Keyword Golden Ratio is a data-driven strategy for finding long-tail keywords that are underserved on the internet.

You can use this data-driven method to help you to find the low-hanging fruit among the keywords and leapfrog the competition ranking easy and super fast in just about any niche.

Take a look at these links from influencers in the SEO/Digital marketing world they can explain the concept a lot better then I can, take a look and head back here to continue learning about the software I created 🙂



As you can see from reading the above posts the Keyword Golden Ratio is quite a big deal, ranking for keywords fast for you and you’re clients is a dream come true I am sure you would agree!

However both posts agree that the issue with this system is the “leg work” of finding the KGR Keywords by hand, they both indicated that there is no software out that can find these golden egg keywords for you… well, that was true until now!

I built software that I like to call the KGR Empire Bot, the software will take a list of keywords and return to you the KGR score (as you know from reading the posts I linked you to we are looking for a score of 1 or under)                          

This will save you hours of work and give you back just pure gold! you can then take the KGR keywords, and create content around them and rank for you or your clients in days not months!

The cost of the software is just $37 for lifetime access, and don’t worry the software is auto-updated daily, as we use it daily too! You also receive lifetime support from us via Email, Discord or skype.

Notes: If you wish to check 1000’s of keywords at once or need the data returned at super high speeds then you will need to use proxies to multi thread the software we will help you every step of the way but note you will need to make an extra investment of $30-50 a month for proxies (The software works just fine without proxies this is only if you plan to check keyword at a mass scale and need high speed returns)

** All sales are final, there are no refunds this is due to the fact that you can try the software out for free HERE to see if the software fits your needs.

Once you have made a payment we manually setup your account and send you a copy of the software so please allow up to 24 hours for us to do this (normally a lot faster).

You get lifetime support with KGR Empire bot, you can reach out to us via email, discord, and skype we are super nerds so you can normally catch us online 15+ hours a day.

You can make a payment below we will be in touch within 24 hours.


If you have any questions please reach out to us HERE


Rank and bank FAST!
$ 37 Life Time
  • Rank and bank FAST
  • Life Time Price
  • Full Training And Support Provided
Save Money

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