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Page Empire – Rank on Google for hundreds of keywords by creating Google site, WordPress and HTML site pages on mass, you can make pages that look really good by themselves or creates pages with just the search engines in mind, and then overlay the content, with a landing page (covered in the video above.)


What is included:

Content tools:

Google URL scraper Module: Input a list of keywords and scrape URLs from Google (to be used with the content scraper module)

Website content scraper module: Take a list of URLs and scrape the content from them, You can blacklist paragraphs that have certain words in them and are not over a set length. This content can then be used later on when you create mass pages.

Keyword tools:

Keyword Empire: Scrape keywords on mass from Google both “related keywords” and “People also asked” question-based keywords

Trend Empire keyword tool: Scrape trending keywords, and Trend within Trend keywords in any niche

KGR Bot: Find all keywords in a niche that fit the Keyword Golden Ratio metric (you can find information on the Keyword Golden Ratio here:       )

Mass Page creators:

Google sites module: Create Mass Google site pages that rank extremely well! Use the scheduler module to use add pages to different sites on different days!

WordPress module: If you have websites with WordPress installed, then you can create mass pages for them.

HTML module: Create MASS HTML pages and auto-upload them to domains

So how can you use Page Empire to make money?

We have lots of videos in our member's area showing you how to rank and bank but just to give you an idea... here are some of the ways members are using Page Empire.

1.      Rank for 1000’s of long-tail keywords that then lead the visitor back to your own website.

2.       Do the same as above but for clients

3.       Rank and rent model (Rank for hundreds of keywords and rent the pages out.)

4.       Promote any of 10000000000000 affiliate products out there!

5.       Reputation management



Pages are created by a template system that is really easy to pick up and understand and is covered in-depth in the membership area.


In the membership area, we have many videos showing you how to create many styles of sites from scratch, not only that I offer great 1 on 1 support, and you also gain access to our Telegram and Discord groups to ask questions in.

You will also find lots of “over the shoulder” videos, where we buy a domain or create a google site, find our keywords, and then create and index pages all with Page Empire!


Signup today and start creating sites that rank and bank! 


Buy a yearly subscription 

$99 Via buy me a coffee below OR $75 via bitcoin (see wallet address below)


·         Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be set up and your download links and support details to be sent to you.

·         To SUBSCRIBE via Crypto please pay one of the wallets below once you have done so please contact me via any of the support options below so I am aware of your payment and can get your account set up. Wallets:

BTC - 35mvg2mQVGo86pk6VhB4sX42RPdXnT4bjk

ETH - 0x4a37ee415b86aafe36681d04025a2f2a5a64f244

XRP - rU2mEJSLqBRkYLVTv55rFTgQajkLTnT6mA 690680

BNB - 0xfccdf1a1a0821cbf6b8c9e5232a5f1460605528a


To contact me please do so via the options below:

[email protected]

Discord: TheBotEmpire#3236

Telegram: @deano_botman


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