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What is Reddit Empire Bot in a nutshell?


The bot has many features, but to keep it short you are able to use the bot to upvote your Reddit posts which will gain you mass traffic to.. well any place you like!

You are also able to post and farm karma so that you have trusted accounts and are able to post in ANY subreddit, other features include, mass commenting, Upvoting comments and much more… I will go over each module below.

List of modules included with the bot

  1. Account creator – (with verifying email function)
  2. Account creator – (using temporary email address)
  3. Reddit Account creator (Throw away accounts)
  4. Post and Reddit Karma Farming module
  5. Upvote post module
  6. Downvote posts
  7. Comment on Reddit posts (and upvote your own comments)
  8. Direct Message people
  9. Make account look human module.

Quite a lot of features I am sure you will agree 🙂 Now I will break down each module so you can see how powerful the bot is!

Account creator modules

The bot is able to create as many Reddit accounts as you need! there are 3 methods used to make the accounts

  1. Fully verified accounts – these accounts will become fully verified and are less likely to get ghosted or banned, in order to use this module you will need to provide a list of email accounts such as bulk yahoo, Gmail, outlook accounts, so there are some costs with using this method however these accounts are the safest to use.
  2. Creating accounts using Temporary email – This is a free way to create accounts which also makes your accounts fully verified, these accounts are not as “solid” as using fully verified accounts HOWEVER they are verified and they do stick, I use these all the time with only a small % getting ghosted or banned.
  3. Unverified accounts – No emails needed these accounts are created fast however these can get banned a lot and only really good for mass comments and PM’s but expect these accounts at some point to get banned.

Post and Reddit Karma Farming module

So what is Reddit post karma? – well, Karma is a way to let others know (in a sense) how trusted you are. When you create a post on Reddit the more upvotes your post gets the more Karma you gain, this is also the case when you post a comment, if the comment gets upvotes then you gain Karma points so the more active you are and the better quilty content you post the more karma you are likely to gain, to post in a lot of subreddits you need a certain amount of karma points to be able to do so.

So with the above being said, it is in your interest in having your accounts stacked with a lot of karma points! By doing so you will be able to post in all subreddits, not only that your accounts will carry more weight and look more legit, but also if you ever sell your accounts they can be worth a pretty penny if they are aged and have a lot of karma.

So how can we increase Reddit Karma?

Well, you are in luck the bot has a whole module dedicated to doing just that! How it works is you load a folder with some viral content (discussed in the user guide don’t worry) and post in some high traffic subreddits, (as you may have guessed cute cats and dogs work well!) The bot will do this at random times making the account look human and gaining you a ton of karma point along the way, after getting your numbers up, you will be a trusted Reddit member and be able to post in just about any subreddit you like.

Upvote post module

This is where the server stopping traffic is at 🙂 once you have used the “act human module” and have some karma added to your account (letting the Reddit accounts age a bit helps too) then it is time to get your posts seen and upvoted. BEWARE being top of some subreddits can send so much traffic it may put your hosting under stress, if you pay for your hosting based on the number of visits or bandwidth then be careful!

How the upvote module works is quite simple, you make a post in any subreddit that you wish (using one of your aged high karma accounts) and then you simply tell the bot the URL and title name of your post, the accounts you own will then find the post (in a human-like fashion) and upvote the post. Depending on how active the subreddit is will determine how many upvotes you need to reach the top, also posting quality content is key here, there is no point posting a load of useless content as this will get downvoted no matter how many upvotes you blast the post with.

Downvote posts (Downvote module)

This module is a little blackhat, to say the least, and some people will decide to use it and others will not, I have included it at peoples request.

Downvoting Reddit posts is a way to get your competition posts moved down the front page while you upvote your own posting making you the king of the subreddit. Reddit uses its own method that works out upvotes made vs downvotes and then shows the most liked content on the front page of the subreddit.

Buy creating a lot of downvotes on a post, Reddit will move the content lower and lower on the subreddits listing, this, of course, is a very blackhat method of making sure your own posts rise to the top of the subreddit charts!

Reddit Comment bot module

This module is very powerful, you are able to make comments on any Reddit posts, this can be used in two main ways 1. You can make your owns posts look awesome by comments on them (with positive comments of course) This also is a signal to Reddit to rank your post in the “hot section” which will get you even more exposure 2. You can post on other peoples posts maybe with a link to your own content, of course, the key here is to not look spammy always provide value, as like posts comments can be up and downvoted as well.

Upvote and downvote comments

You can also use the bot to upvote and downvote comments, this works just the same as doing this with posts however your target is the comments, you will be amazed at the exposer that you can gain from having your comment ranked number 1 of a post, even more so with a post that is getting a lot of views, now image having your comment ranked number 1 on 20,50,100 or more posts!

Direct Message people

The next module included with the bot enables you to send people direct messages, this is super powerful, let’s say that you want to message people that are into gaming, well what you can do is scrape people that have commented on gaming posting (we scrape people that have left comments so we know the user is active and will read your DM) you can then send them a message including there username in the message, again the key here is to send relevant none spammy looking messages, this is a fantastic way to get niche target traffic to your site, video, or any other web property.

Make your Reddit accounts look human

The final module I don’t think is included in any other Reddit bot I have seen and is the icing on the cake. This module will log in to all your accounts and “act human” this means viewing posts, scrolling, upvoting and downvoting, looking around as a human would, this will make sure that your account looks upper legit and will avoid ghosting and bans. There are setting so you can select how often the bot is likely to upvote and downvote and how fast it will move on from post to post.

The Reddit Empire Bot all the features you need to rank your posts in any subreddit, there are so many angles that can be used, to gain traffic and sales in just about any niche.



  • The bot is updated most days, as we use the bot ourselves when our version updates YOUR version will update the next time you restart the bot.

  • You can run Reddit Empire on up to 3 computers.

  • You will need to buy proxies (around $30 for 100 if you use our provider) an advantage would also to buy a fingerprint switcher which is around $20 a month or $40 for six months however this is optional Running the bot on a VPS (around $20) is best but once again this is optional.

  • We offer unlimited support via Email, Discord and Skype.

To ask any questions you may have or to buy a copy of The Empire Reddit bot please CONTACT US HERE and we will connect with you and get you up and running 🙂

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